Group Classes

9am Basic-Yoga Sole

9am Basic-Yoga Sole
10:45am Open Level-Yoga Sole

Private Classes

Private classes can be a great way for both beginners and more seasoned practitioners to deepen their practice and address personal needs and challenges. Sessions can be held in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Yoga for Emotional Well Being & Trauma Relief

Through specific movement tailored to your body and emotional state yoga can unlock trauma and create a healing environment from the outside in as a complement to psychotherapy. My goal is to combine both tools; yoga and psychotherapy, to create a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety, depression, tension, insomnia and more.

In these private or semi private sessions we will explore the current emotional and physical challenges you are facing and then together design a sequence, combined with meditation and pranayama, to address your emotional state, body and personal goals.